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Kingpin 88 is the King of Kilns
I have been firing in this kiln for nearly a year.  Let me tell you, this thing is a workhorse.  We fire almost everyday, and one right after another.  About the only time this kiln sits idle is when something is cooling down inside of it.

We fire A LOT of bronze and copper, along with silver and the really cool steel clay from Hadar and even glass and enamel from time to time.  If you don't already know this, the bronze and copper firing schedules tend to be quite long with ramping periods that can be several hours long.  Never a problem.  It holds the temp like you'd expect and even beebs and tells you when its done (which for us is in the wee hours of the morning sometimes!).

Not only is this kiln solid as a rock, its very easy to use.  The controls are preset for PMC and ArtClay products AND it has four user defined "presets".  I find these user defined presets very helpful indeed.  You can set them to fire multi-stage/segment firing schedules as well.  For example, my custom don't-ever-have-to-worry-that-my-bronze-won't-fully-sinter firing schedule that has two stages that fire consecutively and has never since failed to fully sinter!  (email me direct if you'd like that firing schedule:

Its also pretty darn light weight and rugged.  We take it along with us to trade shows from time to time and fire our pieces right there, it really brings the customers into our booth!  Make sure you can get 15 amps before you go blowing the circuit for the rest of the section at the show...not that I would ever do something like that...

The only thing I have had to do on this kiln is loosen the door latch a tad so I didn't knock over a delicate piece I was designing, and that took a flathead screwdriver, a half turn on the tensioning screw and less than 30 seconds.  

Plus the price is right for the size of the kiln/fire box and its capabilities as compared to other similar kilns.  

I should totally be a salesman for these things!

Buy in confidence with the Kingpin 88!
From: Ryan Jones | Date: 11/15/2011 8:04 AM
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Love it!
Great!  My first kiln and I've had no problems using it.  Just wish the Copper and Bronze clays would have been pre programed but other than that no complaints!
From: Lynn Espejo | Date: 3/27/2012 10:00 AM
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Excellent Build Quality and Efficiency
I tried to read every review I could between the Paragon SC series and the Even-Heat Kingpin 88.  Wasn't much out there on the Kingpin 88, but I eventually found that the Kingpin costs less with a window door plus it was about $0.05 a kilowatt hour cheaper to operate due to it's more efficient design and materials.  The Set-Pro digital panel couldn't be any easier to use.  Very happy customer!
From: Erin Richardson | Date: 6/12/2012 8:59 PM
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Kingpin 88
Hello; I am Dale Smith and I purchased a kingpin kiln from metal and I just wanted to say that I am very pleased with this kiln. It does everything that a kiln is supposed to do and more. The viewing window is a great asset to this unit. Being able to see what is going on inside the kiln is great. I would recommend this unit to anyone.  This unit is made by the evenheat company and sold by Metal  Check them out.   Dale Smith
From: dale smith | Date: 8/13/2013 12:28 AM
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I teach PMC and fire at lest four times a week and this thing just st keeps going I'm on my third year with it and other than a new thermocouple about once a year t job st keep going.   Best kiln I've owned for PMC bar none.
From: Guest | Date: 11/30/2016 9:04 PM
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