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Goldie Bronze 100g Hard

A wonderful new bronze clay to create with.
Manufacturer: Goldie Clays

Goldie Bronze™ comes in two types of powder - SOFT and HARD. SOFT is very soft and is
ideal for working with stamps and textures, and to capture fine details. HARD creates a
somewhat stiffer clay to work with, and yields the maximum strength - it is ideal for bangles,
ring bands, and decorative objects. Both types may be mixed in the powder stage, before adding
your water. If you are planning to create a piece which involves fine details and you desire the
maximum strength, it is recommended to mix equal portions of both the Hard and the Soft

Goldie Bronze™ is an environmentally friendly product. It contains approximately 90% copper
and 10% tin. The binders are organic and non toxic. The container that the powder comes in is
deliberately larger than needed so it can be reused afterwards. Please do your bit for the
environment and keep the container for future use (non food use only).
Goldie Bronze™ shrinks by about 5% - 9% on firing, depending on the shape and the size of the
piece. Dried clay can be ground up to a powder and reconstituted. Goldie Bronze™ is simple
and economical to use.

• First, stir the powdered clay well in its original container to ensure it is properly mixed, and
then put the desired amount of powder into a smaller container.
• Add about a dozen drops of water or spray in a little water and mix with a knife or spoon,
adding more water as required, until you get a clay of a plasticine like consistency.
• Roll the lump clay out thinly and fold over. Roll again, rolling away from the fold. Repeat
this action several times. This is very important to ensure that all the air is removed from the
clay and to get a smooth consistency before using. Insert into a plastic bag or container and
wait for 30 minutes.

• Ensure the clay is completely dry before firing. Any moisture will boil and ruin the piece.
• Lay the pieces in a stainless steel firing container on a layer of activated coconut shell
carbon with a minimum depth 1cm (1/2”) under the pieces. Make sure the pieces are at least
1cm (1/2”) apart. Place the open container into a cold kiln and fire at full ramp to 350°C
(662°F) and hold for 30 minutes.
• Carefully remove the container from the kiln and place on a heatproof surface. Fill the
container with a layer of activated coconut shell carbon with a minimum depth 1cm (1/2”)
over the pieces. Cover with a stainless steel lid and place back into the kiln. Full ramp to
820°C (1508°F) and hold for 40 minute.
• Fired pieces can be removed from the kiln hot or cold.

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