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Hadar's Clay™ Clay Sampler(7)

Hadar's Clay™ Quick-fire Sampler includes 7 samples: 25 grams each of Quick-fire copper, bronze, Brilliant Bronze, Rose Bronze, Bronze XT, White Bronze, and Low-shrinkage Steel XT. The sampler serves well as an introduction to Hadar's Clay™, a test kit, or a gift.
ˆ42.67 (EUR)

Hadar's Clay™ Flexible Clay Sampler(5)

This introductory sampler includes 5 samples: 25 grams each of Traditional (Flex) copper, Traditional (Flex) bronze, Traditional (Flex) Brilliant Bronze, Traditional (Flex) Rose Bronze, and 12.5 grams of Traditional (Flex) Pearl Grey Steel XT.
ˆ26.76 (EUR)